Today goes live a lot of changes to the online score tracking system. There have been a few mistakes I’ve corrected and a few things I didn’t think of before. This is just the start, in the future as more scores start to come in I’ll have a lot more breakdown of ranks. Because scores on hard difficulty shouldn’t be compared to scores on easy difficulty.

So what was really changed? For starters an individual score page is now shown, so tracking scores is a tad more personal. This page is what you see first when you submit a score from the game. Some loopholes were fixed, such as having duplicate nicknames in the databases. More wording was added to the score information instead of seeing numbers (see difficulty and game mode). I’ve also modified the look and feel slightly.

Now when you submit a score you will be brought to your own personal score page. The last score you submitted will always be highlighted green wherever you see it. Once you see your own scores you can go back to see everyone’s scores then also click on a nickname to see their score page.

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