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09th October 2008

My apologies for the lack of updates. After getting seriously fed-up with Torque and its’ horrible localization support, I gave up on this TD for a month or two. Since then I’ve been re-evaluating the platform I wish to develop games on. I’ve finally settled on XNA for Shnazz TD and potentially PHP/Javascript for some other games I’ve been brewing in my head depending on certain factors of the XNA framework I have yet to figure out.

What this means is that Shnazz TD is going to be rebuilt from the ground up using XNA Games for Windows and developed with FULL Xbox 360 support. With the scheduled end of the year Xbox update, Microsoft said they will give developers a place to put their games on Xbox Live with a profit sharing program. I will be taking full advantage of this program! However, I love playing games on PC myself hence it will still be downloadable.

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