Excellent news, XNA 3.0 is being released end of this month (http://blogs.msdn.com/xna/archive/2008/10/14/creators-club-communiqu-04.aspx). The Xbox Live update is coming out Nov 19th.

Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll make these dates to launch ShnazzTD with this but the XNA 3.0 update will be great for development.  Especially considering I haven’t gone far enough into development to have much to worry about in upgrading ShnazzTD.

In other news, development for Xbox/Windows is going good, but I’m interested in paying for some real graphics for the game. If you are an interested designer, I’m looking to give ShnazzTD a new or better look and feel. Right now it really is something I threw together in paint with lots of clipart! Please send contact information and portfolio links via the forum shnazz.com/forums/index.php private message to Arkantis.