ShnazzTD Version 1.1 Update

09th October 2008

ShnazzTD was updated to version 1.1 today which fixes a lot of bugs users reported. Go to the downloads page to see what was changed.

ShnazzTD Released

09th October 2008

Shnazz Tower Defense 1.0 has been released! Go to the downloads page and get yourself a copy.

I hope you all enjoy, please feel free to leave any suggestions on the forum maybe we’ll see them in the next version! Also please help spread the word by digging this page! StumbleUpon Toolbar Stumble This Page!

Update –

The downloads links have been fixed! Sorry!

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ShnazzTD Upcoming Release

09th October 2008

ShnazzTD Closed Beta has been cancelled as a result of in-house testing performed in conjuction with Blueprint Games and other affiliates.

Instead of holding a beta, which got little response, ShnazzTD version 1.0 will be released early next week. I’m aiming for a late Monday release thanks to Presidents day, but it may not be out until as late as Wednesday or Thursday.

Stay tuned for more.