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How To Play Shnazz Tower Defense (ShnazzTD)

The Game

Shnazz Tower Defense (ShnazzTD) is a game of strategy in several aspects; tower placement, tower upgrades, and cash flow. ShnazzTD is not a game with a story line, or even music, it was developed to get players to try and find the best way to beat it (which there can be many).

For those who have never played a tower defense game before the goal of the game is to kill all the enemies before they reach the end of the maze over multiple levels without loosing all your lives. Each individual maze has a different and unique path which enemies travel along. Using towers the player must place, enemies are killed before they reach the end. At the end of every wave a boss enemy is spawned with a larger amount of life that is valued that is worth bonus points.

The Basics

At the start of a game players can choose the map, game mode and difficulty, or just hit close and play the default level and difficulty.

Once in the game every menu can be closed! At the bottom right is your menu of towers to build. Hover over them to see a description of each tower and click on them to place one. Once a tower is placed you will see a new box open with tower information. This allows you to upgrade the tower level and add advanced tower features to each tower.

On the top right is the main menu. From here you can exit the game, start a new game, restart your current game, and more.

What Does it All Mean?

Tower Level - The level of your tower, shown in the tower information area or visually on the tower itself.

Damage - The damage your tower does, there are 3 types of damage; Normal, Percentage, or DOT. Percentage damage does a percent of the enemies remaining life to a certain point of course. DOT does damage every second over time.

Target Selection - How your tower select it's target to hit.

Bounce Damage - Damage is bounced across x amount of targets in a row.

Splash Damage - Damage splashes to other targets from the first target your tower selects within a certain range.

Freeze Damage - Enemies are frozen for a specific amount of time, be careful as they can be frozen again for that same amount of time.

Bonus Points - Bonus points are obtained by killing the boss enemy at the end of every level. They are used for adding advanced upgrades and more.

Cash, Income and Interest - Cash is gained from income, interest and killing enemies. You can increase your income or interest for the cost of bonus points.

Hot Keys

"u" - Upgrade Selected Tower
"s" - Sell Selected Tower
"n" - Send Next Wave
"r" - Restart The Game
"p" - Take a Screenshot (found in your game directory/game/data/screenshots/)
"1" through "8" - Build towers (same as clicking on the individual tower in the build towers menu)
"Escape" - Cancel tower placement, or unselect existing tower selection