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August 23, 2008 - Lack of Updates.

My apologies for the lack of updates. After getting seriously fed-up with Torque and its' horrible localization support, I gave up on this TD for a month or two. Since then I've been re-evaluating the platform I wish to develop games on. I've finally settled on XNA for Shnazz TD and potentially PHP/Javascript for some other games I've been brewing in my head depending on certain factors of the XNA framework I have yet to figure out.

What this means is that Shnazz TD is going to be rebuilt from the ground up using XNA Games for Windows and developed with FULL Xbox 360 support. With the scheduled end of the year Xbox update, Microsoft said they will give developers a place to put their games on Xbox Live with a profit sharing program. I will be taking full advantage of this program! However, I love playing games on PC myself hence it will still be downloadable.

This means I'll have Shnazz TD 2.0 out in a few months.


May 18, 2008 - Localization code Ready to be Translated.

Check out this forum post: translation help. I finally got the English localization file ready. Please send me updated text or post it on the forum with what language you are translating to. I'm open to adding support for any languages so any help is appreciated. If you do help out send me your name and info so I can add you to the credits!


March 30, 2008 - Updates, translators needed.

ShnazzTD Version 1.2 is coming along. Graphics changes, sound and music additions are complete. Right now another mode of gameplay is being developed which will hold up the release a little while longer, but rest assured it will be worth the wait.

I'm very interested in localizing the game in as many languages as possible. If interested in helping send me a private message on the forum. For starters French, German, Spanish, Mandarin (Simplified) and Japanese are languages I'm interested in localizing to. There isn't much to change so it wouldn't be much work at all.


Febuary 26, 2008 - ShnazzTD Online Score System Updates

Today goes live a lot of changes to the online score tracking system. There have been a few mistakes I've corrected and a few things I didn't think of before. This is just the start, in the future as more scores start to come in I'll have a lot more breakdown of ranks. Because scores on hard difficulty shouldn't be compared to scores on easy difficulty.

So what was really changed? For starters an individual score page is now shown, so tracking scores is a tad more personal. This page is what you see first when you submit a score from the game. Some loopholes were fixed, such as having duplicate nicknames in the databases. More wording was added to the score information instead of seeing numbers (see difficulty and game mode). I've also modified the look and feel slightly.

Now when you submit a score you will be brought to your own personal score page. The last score you submitted will always be highlighted green wherever you see it. Once you see your own scores you can go back to see everyone's scores then also click on a nickname to see their score page.


Febuary 22, 2008 - ShnazzTD Version 1.1 Update

ShnazzTD was updated to version 1.1 today which fixes a lot of bugs users reported. Go to the downloads page to see what was changed.


Febuary 17, 2008 - ShnazzTD Released

Shnazz Tower Defense 1.0 has been released! Go to the downloads page and get yourself a copy.

I hope you all enjoy, please feel free to leave any suggestions on the forum maybe we'll see them in the next version! Also please help spread the word by digging this page! StumbleUpon Toolbar Stumble This Page!

Update --

The downloads links have been fixed! Sorry!


Febuary 16, 2008 - ShnazzTD Upcoming Release

ShnazzTD Closed Beta has been cancelled as a result of in-house testing performed in conjuction with Blueprint Games and other affiliates.

Instead of holding a beta, which got little response, ShnazzTD version 1.0 will be released early next week. I'm aiming for a late Monday release thanks to Presidents day, but it may not be out until as late as Wednesday or Thursday. Stay tuned for more.


Febuary 12, 2008 - First Hi-Res Screenshots, Beta Testing and Forums

And for the final part of this website launch the forums are now activated and online. Go ahead and sign up! In the future your account will also track against your ShnazzTD scores and achievements.

With this launch ShnazzTD now needs your help, not only on getting the forum going but to help beta test ShnazzTD. Please go ahead and drop your name and games played on the Beta forum.

Added the first few Hi-Res screenshots to the media page, go check them out:


Febuary 10, 2008 - GamePlay Video Available

Today a YouTube Video was uploaded that shows a first look at ShnazzTD. This was a short clip to demonstrate the outlying gameplay functionality of ShnazzTD. Here's the link ShnazzTD on YouTube.

Or View it here:


Febuary 10, 2008 - Website Launched

Today I am glad to announce the launch of Here you will be able to find media, downloads, information and forums about my upcoming game Shnazz Tower Defense (or Shnazz TD for short). The site is still under development but expect more content and a forum soon!